New Lisbon

The 2008 New Lisbon Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Town Board on September 30, 2008.

New Lisbon Comprehensive Plan 2008

Comprehensive Plan Chapters 1-6                   

Comprehensive Plan Chapters 7-11                             

Comprehensive Plan Chapter 12

Land Use Law Updates:

The Town of New Lisbon updated its Site Plan and Subdivision Laws to implement various recommendations contained in its 2008 adopted Comprehensive Plan.   The proposed revisions were necessary to ensure these laws were consistent with NYS Town Law.

The recommendation for creating an Butternut Valley Scenic Byway was first presented in the Town of New Lisbon Comprehensive Plan.       We’ll keep you apprised as the Butternut Valley Scenic Byway effort unfolds.

Reasons for Creating 2008 Comprehensive Plan:

The Town of New Lisbon’s original Comprehensive Plan was adopted in May 1992. Since that time, the Town had seen growth in new residential and non-residential development. Some of that growth enhanced the character of the Town of New Lisbon and some has detracted from the character of the community. A new Comprehensive Plan was deemed necessary to shape the character of new development so that it reflects current community values. The new Comprehensive Plan addresses such issues as agriculture & farmland protection, natural resource protection; economic development; historic preservation, transportation, protection of scenic resources; and parks & open space.   It also forms the basis for future land use regulations and subsequent revisions to the Town’s existing Site Plan Review and Subdivision Regulations that mare necessary to implement the recommendations contained within the Comprehensive Plan. The development of the new Comprehensive Plan included a strong public participation process and is an opportunity for the entire community to come together to create a set of land use policies to guide growth and redevelopment within the Town of New Lisbon.

Comprehensive Plan Committee:

The Town appointed a twenty-four (24) member Comprehensive Plan Committee in April of 2007 to prepare the Town’s new Comprehensive Plan and lead the public participation process. In May of 2007, Planit Main Street, Inc. was retained by the Town Board to work with the Committee in the development of the Town’s new Comprehensive Plan. Our first task was to work with the Committee to develop of a resident survey which was mailed to residents in June 2007.   The survey results helped to guide the Comprehensive Plan Committee as it developed the goals and recommendations that were included in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

A detailed description of what a Comprehensive Plan is and its relation to other land use regulations is provided below.

The Process:

Public workshops including a Community Character Survey™ by Planit Main Street, Inc. were held through the Summer of 2007. The New Lisbon Comprehensive Plan Committee met monthly at Town Hall during the process of completing the Comprehensive Plan.

What Is A Comprehensive Plan?

  • Expression of a community’s goals for the future and recommendations for achieving those goals.
  • Outline for orderly growth, providing continued guidance for decision-making.
  • Document which focuses on immediate and long-range protection, enhancement, growth and development.

Why Is A New Comprehensive Plan Needed?

  • All land use regulations (i.e. site plan review laws, design guidelines, subdivision regulations) must be in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan.

What Is The Relationship Between The Comprehensive Plan And Site Plan Review Laws?

  • The Comprehensive Plan establishes the objectives that the community wants to achieve.
  • The Site Plan Review Law sets forth the regulations designed to achieve the objectives of the Plan.

Committee Meeting Dates

   The Comprehensive Plan Committee held its meetings at 7:00 PM at Town Hall in the hamlet of Garrattsville, New          York. The Committee meetings were held on the following dates and members of the public were invited to attend all      meetings.
  May 29, 2007
   June 27, 2007
   July 17, 2007
   August 21, 2007
   September 19, 2007 (Public Visioning Workshop with Community Character Survey and Assets & Challeges exercise)
   October 30, 2007
   December 17, 2007
   January 23, 2008
   February 27, 2008
   March 26, 2008
   April 23, 2008
   May 14, 2008
   May 28, 2008
   June 11, 2008 – Committee’s Public Hearing on Draft Comprehensive Plan
   June 25, 2008
   July 8, 2008 – Presentation of Draft Plan to Town Board
   September 4, 2008 – Town Board Public Hearing on Draft Comprehensive Plan
  September 30, 2008 – Town Board Voted to Adopt 2008 Comprehensive Plan

For More Information:

If you have any questions about the process or have issues you think should be explored in the process of implementing the Comprehensive Plan, please  Contact  and forward your comments to us.