Comprehensive Plan 2007:

The Town of Ulster’s new 2007 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Town Board on July 2, 2007.   The Comprehensive Plan was the result of a public participation process that included two public hearings on April 16, 2007 and May 1, 2007 at Town Hall in Lake Katrine.  The first draft of the Comprehensive Plan was revised following the public hearings resulting in the completion of the final draft of the Comprehensive Plan.   You can view the Town of Ulster Comprehensive Plan in its entirety by clicking on the following link.



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The Town of Ulster’s first Comprehensive Plan was written in 1969.  Since that time, the Town has seen considerable growth and a new Comprehensive Plan is necessary to guide growth in a manner that reflects current community values. The new 2007 Comprehensive Plan addresses such issues as agriculture & farmland protection, natural resource protection; economic development; historic preservation, transportation, viewshed protection; and parks & open space planning.   It forms the basis for future land use regulations and subsequent zoning revisions that are necessary to implement the recommendations contained within the Comprehensive Plan.  The development of the new Comprehensive Plan included a strong public participation process and provided an opportunity for the entire community to come together to create a set of land use policies to guide growth and redevelopment within the Town of Ulster.

Comprehensive Plan Committee:

The Town appointed an eight member Comprehensive Plan Committee in April of 2005 to prepare the Town’s new Comprehensive Plan and lead the public participation process.  The Committee held a series of public workshops throughout the Town in 2006 to get public input into the development of the Plan.  In August of 2006, Planit Main Street, Inc. was retained by the Town Board to work with the Committee in the final development of the Town’s new Comprehensive Plan.  Our first task was to work with the Committee in the development of a resident survey which was mailed to 1,000 residents in September of 2006.   A detailed description of what a Comprehensive Plan is and its relation to Zoning is provided below.

The Process:

Public workshops including a Community Character Survey™ by Planit Main Street, Inc. were held in November of 2006.  The Ulster Comprehensive Plan Committee will be meeting monthly at Town Hall during the process of completing the Comprehensive Plan.  The draft Comprehensive Plan was completed in March of 2007 and made available for public review.   Public hearings were held on the draft Plan on April 16, 2007 and May 1, 2007.  Following public input, the Final Plan was prepared and following completion of the SEQRA environmental review process the Comprehensive Plan was sent to the Ulster Town Board for their consideration and adoption.  The Town Board unanimously adopted the 2007 Comprehensive Plan on July 2, 2007.

What Is A Comprehensive Plan?

  • Expression of a community’s goals for the future and recommendations for achieving those goals.
  • Outline for orderly growth, providing continued guidance for decision-making.
  • Document which focuses on immediate and long-range protection, enhancement, growth and development.The new Comprehensive Plan will be used to answer a variety of questions about the Town of Ulster. These include:
  • What should the Town look like in the future?
  • Where business and industrial land uses should be permitted?
  • What can we do to expand our parks & open space?
  • What programs can be put in place to encourage historic preservation?
  • How can we protect our natural resources?
  • Does our zoning and related regulations need to be revised?

Why Was A New Comprehensive Plan Needed?

  • All land use regulations (i.e. zoning, design guidelines, subdivision regulations) must be in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan.

What Is The Relationship Between The Comprehensive Plan And Zoning?

  • The Comprehensive Plan establishes the objectives that the community wants to achieve.
  • The Zoning Law sets forth the regulations designed to achieve the objectives of the Plan.

For More Information:

If you have any questions about the process or have issues you think should be explored in the process of developing the Comprehensive Plan, please (click here) and forward your comments to us.